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[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
Stick drill ravage
From medulla of the savage
Niggas sticking with the illest shit got more sticks than a cabin
Wet em up like Squarepants ‘till the niggas start crabbin’
Rundown gun down like Birdman they clapping
What happened to that boy?
Niggas yapping then they pull a strap into that boy
Paramedics come stressing cause a nigga got wetted
Lurking low in the gardens watch his head get severed
I reign supreme, the world is mine and you can’t do a thing
Cause you can’t kill a God but a God can kill a king
Checkmate, fuck this shit you dead weight
You the type to make a jit heart race
Cut cable fuck niggas and what would that make you
The person in the mirror not looking so beautiful
Who is you nigga, mirror mirror in the bathroom
Am I gonna take a job to the back room
Later pimping down and hit em with that crack boom
Then I send her home and laugh like some old coons
By the store Life is fact the truth is cold
That’s how you live 300 years more
Philosophy the prophecy is probably a robbery
Don’t talk to me about, who’s the motherfucking future
C9 bow down to your rulers
[Hook: Denzel Curry]
I got four niggas on the porch
Two niggas out the park
You better have your burner tucked when walking after dark
Niggas be running reckless with their hammers ready to spark
Everybody is a target in the hood they playing darts
Taking them underwater
It’s through the hood and past the wudz
Taking them underwater
So pass the wudz and roll them good
Taking them underwater
And drive my mess understood
Taking them underwater
I’ll take you underwater
[Verse 2: Denzel Curry]
Okay this one’s for all my dogs
I do it for all of my niggas
Mulatto, shout out vanity and broke [?] niggas
Still thug livin’
Come witness the black vision, trigger finger itchin’
Brothers fall like thanksgiving, your heart is St. Nicholas
Merry Christmas American Psycho with Bale as the Christian
Bust your head like baby ? made of crimson
Where is he now I’m spitting genocide to niglets
Paraquiz back in the day, watch me form into bitches
Completes the masters, you bastards
Need to pass her, but the pastor, is an actor
If the rapture was to capture
Any mother fucker on this planet
I know that God’s an artist so he’ll pick a good canvas
So I let the bad ones perish
I found god inside the face that I’m starin’, at
In my world Jesus is black and misunderstood
I’m taking y’all past to the wudz and say
[Bridge: Denzel Curry]
There they go sticking again (4x)
So steal, steal, steal, steal
There they go sticking again (2x)
[Verse 3: Denzel Curry]
Grab the steer throw the keys get the mac
Cyberspace mask doing drive-bys in hovercrafts
Black hover craft
Grey matter gats counter act
What better way to use crack to terminate blacks
Black got jacked now that’s the school of Hard Rock
This ain’t no game you don’t live with a life stock
Like the Legend of Zelda it’s Heaven or Hell, bruh
You callin’ for 911 but there’s no one to help ya
M16 feel like it’s Hamburger Helper
And now you see yourself flying with Delta an airline
Tech 9 young and wave it ya take lives it’s C9
You fuckin’ with the wrong air-side
Combine my organized crime in the mean time
We seem blind still on the grind till we see shine
Hover slow on the green eye
You better hope you have a keen eye
Drown the youth

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