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Denzel Curry Planet Shrooms II lirik lagu :
[Verse 1: Denzel Curry]
To every competitor, and to any challenger
Have, gold bullets rocking inside your temple, Metallica
What happens when murder and mix ‘em with Galaga
That’s too many niggas that’s calibrating with calibers
6 caliber, killin’ all through the book of lies
Livin’ upon a revelation, but as master in disguise
I’m master in disguise, elevated you and I
Counting sticks and body parts, options when is join or die
Count to 2, grab the 9, all these suckas are clouds
Cause their fantasy is final destination underground
To a [?] freak accident, A young Devil’s advocate
Goin’ Ham on the Madison, and poppin’ his bitch from the cabinet
I keep locally Madison, before an undergraduate
Jobs closin’, now you coppin’ that brick from the ocean
All your life you have been focused since your mom wasn’t open
Face shine inside a box now it looks like you votin’
[Verse 2: J.K. The Reaper]
From where the slogan was survive in Atlanta that holds the zone of war
More killas bribe with contraband, but they playin’ Contra, fuck around
Tryin’ to meet the next level and minimize the coppers
The CPU and cheat codes won’t work
20 years old can’t afford a lawyer, momma said he should’ve went to church
Stop by, I’m smokin’ in another universe
As my whole planet gets worse, I’m blasted if I could rule the world
On my way back to Earth
And see all of the out of the day gloomers
Inter-galactic storm troopers keepin’ my brothers captive
So don’t ask me if I believe in magic
If I answer, I say it only exists in drugs
And god is a mirror cause his image is in us
Holy water drippin’ down her body hurry up get a cup
Down a [?] in panties hopin’ that she wasn’t naked
Same outfit as Eve, I’m not Adam, but I’m still sacred
[Verse 3: Denzel Curry]
He slit the adam’s apple and now it’s forsaken
The [?] basic, all medication, civilization is pagan
Before we built the pyramids, hieroglyphics outdated
Textin’ on the iPhone and 95 works slated
Israelites in a modern day Babylon
[?] but cannot live in the sun
Before explain to me how we not the chosen one
7 stars in my hand, and a blade on my tongue
Whether a god is a profit, illusion optic
Clocks stop it, had to pause it, fundamental brain deposit
[?] project, cause science is not a conscience
Put in logic, no emotional [?] shit
Holy as the cross that Jesus walked in, to the Crossroads
I don’t see no Bonethugs, all I see is Thugbones
Stone cold [?]
Radiate flows like sippin’ water out the faucet, bitch
[Verse 4: J.K. The Reaper]
Custom plated and put it in a scribe
If we start a revolution, it needs to be televised
But it will be only for the viewers that’s watchin’ with open eyes
I despise you critics that interfere with your lies
I’m on an acid tab havin’ intercourse with the sky, fuck the world
I’m gonna elevation the minds, fuck the world
And I’mma fuck it till it’s mine, fuck the world
And I’m fuckin’ till it’s mine

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