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 Denzel Curry 32 Ave (Intro) lirik lagu :
[Verse: Denzel Curry]
Up on the Three Two Ave
I wake up every morning tryna figure how to start my day
I go to the bathroom then take me a piss
Brush my teeth now it’s time to parlé
I call up B Money to open the crystal
It’s time to go jet so I skate (open the door nigga)
I’m rolling and blousing and coughing these ounces
These money roll a whole 28
Took 8 grams
Bumping 99′ jams reminiscing on the town last week
Talk about a cop cherry tops run a block
In a baja saying the youngin’ had heat
Spur of the moment
The youngin’ was dumb as he dropped from a fatal attack
On the 207 called 9-11
Hit 15 bullets to his back
Shit got whack
Everybody really on that but you just got to embrace it
Even on the tracks just like it’s braces
Murder got this Carol City unsolved cases
Face it, you get wasted like it’s GTA
But this ain’t no Grove Street and you ain’t CJ, nigga

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