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Bike Rap Wax lirik lagu:
Big things fuckin’ poppin’
Tags out of the bags when Paul Bunyan shoppin’
Why you look like you been onion choppin’
Is it cause you considering just up and stoppin’?
I’m in the zone like Malone getting one from Stockton
I do this shit at home alone while no one is watching
Tried quitting back when I thought it was an option
Before I realized my blood is stocked with
A concoction of various toxins
Rap, bars, and beats
Melodies in my arteries
It’s part of me
And you can neither drain it nor contain it
And it’s best to unchain it than to try to tame it
That’s like tryna make a lion in the wild subsist
Off of strictly quinoa or a diet of fish
Or like trying to fist
The asshole of a ant
Picture that it ain’t rocket science homie you can’t
I say dumb shit and have fun with this shit I do
After one sip of that Pacifico witch’s brew
I say some shit and they love it, them kids in school
Not no pundit, I’m just the one that they listen to
When I rhyme people crowd in a line
Haven’t had a real job since 2009
I remember how my bosses had me out of my mind
I remember how the losses had me doubting my grind
That was before I knew how to get mine
Before I knew that how you define yourself is how you define
So if you think you’re a star you’ll undoubtedly shine
It may be a tall mountain to climb
But goddamnit
You must forgive ‘em
That’s the hustle in them little Russel Simmons living in the frickin’ muscles of my stomach region
Someone feed ‘em he’s hungry they’ll probably say
But I don’t eat, just drink
Like a Somalian sommelier
I made tracks of all sorts
Got bigger over time like basketball shorts
Americana marijuana Budweiser longneck
My words hold extra weight like they’re on deck
Strong threat since waist high
Already put a virus inside the A.I. you’ll be replaced by
You lightweight like balsa wood
For me people grew sooner just like a motherfucker in Tulsa would
I’m on the same podium where many bosses stood
Quickly kill a rapper then I dip like the sauce was good
Colonel Mustard
Did it in the study with a journal full of cuss words
Some Merlot and a bunch of herbs
They say of drug use I’m much too proud
Cause I’d rather see the clouds on mushrooms than see a mushroom cloud
It’s all peace
Ain’t fuckin’ with that blah blah
Catch me down in Baja eating foie gras
Call me (?)
Lava like a live volcano
Might wild out like Lyle Alzado
Better yet Jose Canseco
Little bit of juice and I’m making them hits
Never get no pay in pesos but pretty soon I be making that switch
Getting a drink out of Tijuana
Pacifico probably gon’ be in my cup
Then I’m hitting the lakes and I’m teeing one up (FOUR!)
Gonna get off the grid and play golf and shit really often
It’ll be awesome
Swim with the dolphins
Til they close down on the lid on my coffin
Barbecue like I was living in Austin
So smart that you think I’m at Harvard you like I was living in Boston
Rappers be doing these triplets often
But I smoke cigarettes so it is getting exhausting
Laid back like Bob Marley singing “Stir It Up”
With a brew running through me like a Keurig cup

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