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Lady (Skit) Wax lirik lagu:
Damn this chicken smells good
[Girl who thinks Wax is not God’s gift to music]
If you’re dating a musician, prepare for heartbreak, loneliness, you’re gonna have equipment all over your house. There’s gonna be wires, guitars, different types of basses. Amplifiers take up a lot of space. You have to deal with the bandmates. Sometimes you’ll get along with them, other times they may think you’re a Yoko Ono. I told him “listen, you’re not God’s gift to music” and ever since then I was known as a witch and they would draw pictures of me with horns like I was the devil. But he always said he would wanna take me with him if he were to go on a tour and maybe that would bother his bandmates, but he doesn’t like to be away from me either

Judul Lirik lagu: Lady (Skit)
artis penyanyi: Wax
ada di Album The Cookout Chronicles

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